Help Wanted for Pedestrians in Honesdale

HONESDALE, Pa. -  The streets of Honesdale bustle with people, even on a cold day. Busy sidewalks mean busy crosswalks. One night last week, a young girl was hurt when she was hit while crossing North Main Street by the Wayne County Library.

"It's the responsibility of the driver to pay attention, to heed to those warnings because that doesn't always happen either. I've witnessed cars not stopping, people almost getting hit. I've witnessed people having to jump out of the road," said Jill McConnell of Finders Keepers Consignment Boutique in Honesdale.

"Particularly now this time of the year, it gets dark so early, and it's hard to see someone. It certainly is an undesirable crosswalk, and something will be done somehow with it," said Honesdale councilman Robert Jennings.

This part of Honesdale doesn't have as much foot traffic as downtown does. That's why it's important for both drivers and pedestrians to be aware when using the crosswalk here.

"You know the drivers are sometimes looking at their cell phone or they're not looking for traffic, people coming across. They may be looking for cars and not be looking for people," said Honesdale resident John Williams.

That's why there's an effort to get a crosswalk signal by the library.  Its flashing lights would alert drivers to pedestrians in this dimly lit part of town.

"It definitely couldn't hurt. I think it's helpful to have that attention. I know it helps me as a driver," McConnell continued.

North Main Street, through Honesdale, is also Route 191. Because it's a state road, the borough would have to get a crosswalk signal approved by PennDOT, and that could take a while.


  • eye4ni

    I understand that drivers are supposed to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks TOTALLY- I GET IT. But people in Honesdale apparently have no idea how to safely cross a street. I have had numerous people walk out in front of me never looking both ways before crossing the street. I’ve seen people walk in front of large commercial vehicles that don’t stop on a dime. The parking violations are never addressed and cars are parked too close to the intersections and crosswalks blocking the view of drivers from seeing pedestrians. ½ the people don’t even use the crosswalks they just dart out in front of you expecting you to stop. Then when you do stop you nearly get rear ended for some clown behind you.
    1. Still got to look both ways before crossing the street
    2. Enforce parking violations
    3. Cite people for J walking
    4. PENNDOT needs to Return the traffic pattern to its original way. I think this one already caused 2 deaths and multiple injuries obviously there is an issue.

  • Freddy

    Maybe if the Honesdale Borough police department actually worked full time like my tax dollars pay for they could actually enforce crosswalk violations. I see Troopers in town more then I ever see the Honesdale Borough Police out.

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