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Police: Thief Stole Thousands from Children’s Piggy Banks

LAKE ARIEL, Pa. -- State police in Wayne County want to know who stolen money from the piggy banks of two small children.

Investigators say whoever did it got away with three thousand dollars between the two banks.

“When I realized there was no money in there, I was shaking, I was upset," said Victoria Lanza.

Lanza is still reeling after discovering a thief essentially stole candy from her babies at their home in Lake Ariel.

She and her boyfriend, Dustin Chapman, had been collecting money in two piggy banks for their two young daughters, one and a half-year-old Arabella and 8-month-old Bailee, to set aside for their future.

“For their college tuition and for getting a new car when they're 18,” said Lanza. “Through gifts through presents, through any holiday funds that they got.”

When Lanza went to add Halloween money to her girls' piggy banks in her daughter's bedroom, that's when she saw money was missing.

State police say between the two banks, the thief got away with $3,000 in $100 bills.

“What was left was two $100 bills, a ripped $20 and two $2 bills that were written out for like, ‘Happy Birthday Bella’ or the day of her birth she got two $2 bills, sentimental dollars,” said Lanza.

“It's tough enough, you're starting a college fund you think a piggy bank is good enough, nobody's going to take out of it, but they do,” said Chapman.

While state police say they have no suspects for this theft yet, they are looking at some people and say whoever did this is someone the couple most likely knows.

Lanza and Chapman run a landscaping business from their home and have people on the property all the time.

“That I would allow somebody in my house that would steal from us,” said Lanza. “We have workers all day every day that are here all day every day here, so.”

“We don't know who took it. When it does happen, you're going to think everybody's a suspect,” said Chapman.

Anyone with information about the piggy bank thefts is asked to call State Police at Honesdale.



    I always keep $3000 in cash around the house in piggy banks. Investing and banks are for fools. Pink porcelain is where the real money is at.

    They stole the money between July and October, but we know exactly how much was in there.

    Go fund me page set up yet?

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