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Grandmother Charged with Child Endangerment, Assault

CARBONDALE, Pa. — A grandmother in Lackawanna County is facing child abuse charges after officials say she beat her grandchild in the shower and held his arm under hot and cold water.

According to police paperwork, Jeanne Lisi, 56, of Carbondale, is accused of beating her 9-year-old grandson after he allegedly made a mess in the bathroom.

It also says Lisi held the child against the shower wall and pulled his arm under both hot and cold water and hit him.

The investigation began when the victim’s school noticed bruises on his face and when asked, he said his grandmother told him not to talk about it or he would go into foster care.

The child was taken into protective custody.

Lisi is being charged for assaulting and endangering her grandson.


  • Joe Schmo

    Everybody be sure to take notice that it is the Trumptarded that think what this old bat did to her grandson is just discipline. Not abuse… even though REALITY dictates the moment. Not what they believe…

  • Badboyforlife

    Poor grandma just trying to discipline a rotten child. What’s the world coming to when you can’t beat your kids if they act up.

    • Bronwyn Lewis

      excuse me but what she did was not discipline it was abuse. why in the world would anyone force a child to scald themselves and then freeze them as a punishment. he could of been severely burned and not to mention there is no reason heshould have bruises on his face. what she did was cruel and unusual punishment. she knew what she did is wrong that’s why she told him to shut up about it.

  • Trump2020

    Sounds pretty pathetic to me. The child acted up and was disciplined and last time I checked under PA Crimes Code section 509 you are allowed to discipline a child. Read the section you liberal idiots if you don’t believe me. To think that’s what they are worried about in Carbondale when I’m afraid my family will be robbed or shot for drugs driving through there after dark.

    • Sue Phillips

      Beating any child hard enough to leave bruises IS child abuse. You may be allowed to discipline a child but that does not include doing the things she did and leaving bruises. And, by the way, I am by no means a liberal idiot. Educate yourself better.

      • Trump2020

        Read the section a little better It says absolutely nothing that the punishment can not leave bruises. That’s a common misconception by the ignorant. I think you need to educate yourself a little better. I am very well versed in what protections and freedoms the laws afford me. Clearly you are not.

    • Finnegan Pin

      PA Statutes Title 18, Section 509: “The force used is not designed to cause or known to create a substantial risk of causing death, serious bodily injury, disfigurement, extreme pain or mental distress or gross degradation.” Could you testify in court that this 9-year-old did not suffer extreme pain, mental distress or gross degradation when he was beaten in the shower (I assume he was naked–how degrading)? Authorities with greater knowledge than you have removed the child from Grandma’s care and charged her with assault and endangerment. What part of that did you not get?

    • Michelle Kurilla

      Look at your username lol definitely uneducated , an educated person would look up the facts first before saying something that would make them look stupid.

      • Jamesdean

        Moral of the story the child got what he deserved. Next time he won’t make mess. If he does hopefully his foster parents throw him a beaten to and he runs to the school and spills his guts and they arrest them to. Total nonsense.

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