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Williamsport Elects Slaughter as First Democratic Mayor in Over 20 Years

Democrat Derek Slaughter has been named mayor-elect of Williamsport. It's the first time a Democrat has been elected to mayor of Williamsport in over 20 years.

Slaughter is a Williamsport City Council member and city native.

"I am humbled, grateful that the voters of Williamsport decided to put their trust in me. I am looking forward to getting to work in January of 2020," said Slaughter.

"I am a mayor for the entire city, not just the Democrats. So you know, all of the tax-payers, citizens, and voters of Williamsport put their trust in me. So I'm looking forward to working on behalf of all of them," Slaughter said.

He has been a teacher in the Williamsport Area School District, where he also coached the girls' varsity basketball team for 10 seasons.

Slaughter is also an adjunct math instructor at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

For live election results, click here.


    • Bob Stevens

      I know a lot of republicans that voted for him since he actually had a plan from the start for physical responsibility and didn’t just focus on the police with no real plan. Better choice, specially after what we have had…

      • Bob Stevens

        *fiscal… thanks autocorrect for changing it to something wrong.

        Anyway, the city needs to get its act together and fix the budgeting… tired of higher and higher taxes

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