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Wearing Orange for Unity Day

FOREST CITY, Pa. -- A national campaign to end bullying in schools had students and teachers all over the country wearing orange.

Looking at the fourth-grade classes at Forest City Regional Elementary School, you might think it's Halloween, but all of the orange is actually a stand against bullying.

On Unity Day, making it orange means making it end, a campaign sponsored by the National Bullying Prevention Center.

"Bullying is not allowed," said Sophia Lombardi.

"Because people get hurt from bullying," Lucas Wisekal said.

"To stop it once and for all, because the bully is really the one who is the loser," Phillip Waisnen added.

Unity Day has been nationally recognized since 2011. Teachers at Forest City Regional Elementary School say it's more important than ever to talk about bullying in the classroom.

"It does seem like it's something that is going to become more and more prevalent that we need to work on, so it's something we've been focusing on a little bit more this year," said teacher Denise Bolcavage.

There's a reason the color for Unity Day is orange: the bright color represents feeling safe.

"Orange means safety and protection," said one student.

Just like a construction worker wearing bright orange for protection on the side of a highway, wearing the color on Unity Day is meant to be a reminder that students should always feel safe in school.

"As a teacher, it makes you feel proud that everybody did come together, and they're working to fight bullying because it's very important to have a very safe school for our kids," Bolcavage said.


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