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Interstate 84 Traffic Snarled by Deteriorating Bridge in Pike County

GREENE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It was slow going Wednesday morning for many drivers heading east on Interstate 84 near Promised Land State Park.

A stretch of the interstate had to be closed Tuesday evening when a hole that went right through the decking of the bridge was discovered over Shiny Mountain Road. That closure led to a detour along Route 507 to Route 390, and back to Interstate 84.

Being the offseason, Lake Store owner Jeff Darnell says all this traffic is unusual.

"This time of year, we'll get some of these construction trucks going by, but nothing like this," said Darnell, who has owned the Lake Store for 15 years.

Others agree they usually don't encounter this much traffic near the park.

"There's a lot of hunting and fishing, and everyone does camping up here, but it's usually very quiet," added Kevin Williams.

A PennDOT spokesman says after Interstate 84 eastbound was closed Tuesday night, workers found multiple holes that also needed repairs.

Those holes kept workers out long after the sun rose and kept many residents from getting a good night's sleep.

"It was really rough last night sleeping, all night tractor-trailers and everything else going up and down (Route) 390," said Williams.

"They're keeping me up, but hopefully they get it fixed soon," admitted Darnell.

Others say it wasn't the noise that bothered them, but how fast people taking the detour were driving, including Elwira Poplawski, who was returning from dropping her son off at school.

"I wouldn't like my kids to stand by the road right now. That's why I drive them," explained Poplawski.

PennDOT crews reopened the highway by 12:30 p.m.

For the latest on the traffic conditions, click here.


  • Bruce Busa

    I ended up on 402. And a tractor trailer passed me, while I was doing 45mph, on a double yellow line on a blind hill / corner, no need for that, had the family in the car so didn’t get his numbers. Ihad just told my daughter I was gonna write to your governor and complain. On I 81 there are signs warning of a high fog area, but the lines on the road were nearly totally wore off and no reflection from them. What is going on in Pa.?

  • Bob Stevens

    I guess the only solution is more taxes! Tax tax tax! …why have to responsibly spend your money like real people…


    and this happens right near the construction zone??? Jail penndot officials now, they are endangering peoples lives for letting roads get this bad.

    • Lisa Marshinski

      Yup, and I just got an email from Cartwright saying infrastructure was their HIGHEST priority right now.

      • Lisa Marshinski

        Half of that 4.2 BILLION came out under his watch. This corrupt, anti-constitutional gov’na gets NO thanks from me on anything.

    • Joe Justjoe (@ForjoeJustjoe)

      It could be worse. If you lived in northern California your power can get shut down anytime your electric utility company thinks their infrastructure will cause a forest fire. :O The good news is that the inconvenience of no power and bad roads far outweighs the hassle of doing something about it…if you are a resident of Pa or Cali.

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