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Police Chase Ends Near Berwick, Wounded Suspect in Custody

BERWICK, Pa. -- A check on a stopped vehicle led to gunfire and a police chase in two counties on Thursday.

Berwick police say they pulled up next to a vehicle to check on the driver. They asked him to get out and he took off, hitting an officer. Another cop opened fire, but the suspect kept going.

Officers in Berwick were out on patrol Thursday morning when they came across someone they've dealt with before and decided to check on him.

Officers approached his car along East 15th Street. The chief says they were concerned by the way the man was behaving. Instead of getting out of the car, the man sped off.

"One of my officers was actually struck as he decided he was going to flee the scene. It wasn't technically a traffic stop. The car from the suspect did strike my officer and shots then were fired at the suspect vehicle," explained Berwick Police Chief Ken Strish.

The suspect led police on a chase from Berwick to Dell Drive in Salem Township which is just over the line in Luzerne County. Officers used their vehicles to stop the suspect's car and take him into custody.

Sheriff's deputies from Columbia County and state troopers helped Berwick police block off several streets.

Neighbors in Salem Township were surprised when they saw all the activity.

"He came in and said, 'Did you know there's police all out front?' and I said no. He said something about someone was shooting on 15th Street and they chased him up here and I guess they got him on the corner. And they said yes, they got him. His car was in the hedge across the street," Diane Howell said.

The suspect and a Berwick police officer were taken to Berwick hospital to be checked out.

State police are now handling the investigation and charges have yet to be filed.


  • Mark Whitebread

    “Officers in Berwick were out on patrol Thursday morning when they came across someone they’ve dealt with before and decided to check on him.”

    This is not a wellness check, this is what you call harassment and an illegal Terry stop. The Berwick police made a situation out of something that was not part of there job and they do this over and over again and keep getting away with it because no one stands up for there rights. I’m sorry but I feel no respect for these thugs with badges they can continually violate the law and nothing happens to them. They can make false accusations against people and again nothing happens to them. It’s time the judicial system deals with them. They are thugs point and simple.

  • lamestream r

    I highly doubt the police forced him to crash! It was probably a pit maneuver or the bad guy rammed a police car and crashed. Either way, it doesn’t matter how the guy was stopped, he was stopped for his criminal activity! Enough of the anti-police or police are to blame for the crash, when it was the criminal who caused this mess! Enough of making criminals the victim……..

    • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

      You sound a little off , there’s admitted profiling on the police to start this incident and I doubt most claims of police being run over or any crazy cause for the police to shoot an unarmed man as it may be in reverse order . Don;t blindly believe what police print, when they screw up they will try to hide it at anyone’s expense .

    • Mark Whitebread

      They admittedly approached him for past encounters, not stating he was doing illegal activities. That is called a Terry stop and/or harassment and that by the law is illegal within itself. So what you are saying it is ok for the police to violate laws and get away with them because they are above the law?

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