Scranton High Schools Delayed Due to Threat

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Bomb threats interrupted school for students at both high schools in Scranton Monday morning. These last two make five bomb threats at area high schools in just as many days.

At Scranton High School, students were taken out of class around 10:30 a.m. They were later let back into the school. Police stopped traffic on Providence Road so that students could cross from the Riverfront Sports Complex where they were held as police and school district officials searched the school.

District officials say police moved quickly to investigate the threat and students lost only an hour of instruction time.

Students at West Scranton were on a two-hour delay schedule because of a threat there. Classes were canceled after another threat last Thursday.

"It's just crazy," said Scranton student Thomas McIntyre. "West has two bomb threats in the past week. We were expecting one eventually, there being so many around, but all around it's a bit hectic."

Students at Scranton weren't surprised when their building was evacuated, and neither were their parents. Many told us they're most concerned about the instruction time their children are missing out on.

"I was like, 'Oh, another threat.' Honestly, I just wish it would all stop, people would grow up. There are kids who do want to go to school and learn. Stop playing the games and just move on," Stanya Dixon said.

"I'm concerned," Joseph Shine said. "I would like for them to change some rules so there's some consequences for kids who do this. And for the parents who allow their kids to do that."

None of the unfounded threats have led to criminal charges. School district officials have said they treat every threat as if it were legitimate.

"It's going to be hard to figure it out because of the way technology is today, so it is going to be hard and I do feel bad for the Scranton School District," Dixon said.

Students at Scranton High and West Scranton resumed classes as normal after both threats were investigated.

Threats were also made at Dunmore High School last week.

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