Coming Together to Create a Chocolate Brew

HERSHEY, Pa. -- What happens when America’s oldest brewery and a world-famous chocolate company join forces?

You get Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter.

"I think we're just trying to stay innovative and the opportunity came up to collaborate with another iconic pa company," Yuengling order services and administrator Sheryl Yuengling said.

The partnership between Hershey’s and Yuengling, two of the more recognizable brands in Pennsylvania, started about a year ago. The two historic companies have been around for a combined 315 years.

"Yuengling and Hershey, we're roughly 40, 45 miles apart here in central Pennsylvania. You think about it and you kind of laugh, that it's taken us 300 years almost to get together. We're celebrating our 190th anniversary, they're celebrating 125. I think what you'll find here is a delicious, well-balanced beer that's going to appeal to a premium sized drinking experience," vice president of operations Jennifer Yuengling said.

The trademark flavors from these two Pennsylvania powerhouses make for a bold, but smooth brew that's not too overpowering. It's a spinoff of Yuengling’s 200-year-old dark brewed porter with a hint of one of America’s most beloved chocolate brands.

"I think it says a lot about Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania business. Our commitment to the state and the state's commitment back to our businesses has been strong always. I think that's the big part of who we are and our heritage as well the Yuengling team," Ernie Savo of Hershey’s said.

There's a chocolate aroma to it and you can taste the Hershey’s chocolate. There's a public tasting Friday at the Yuengling brewery in Pottsville.


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