Weis Markets Buying Two Supermarkets in Back Mountain

DALLAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Weis Markets announced plans to purchase two grocery stores in the Back Mountain section of Luzerne County.

Weis announced on Monday it will be purchasing Thomas' Food Basics in Shavertown and Thomas' Foodtown in Dallas Township. Weis plans to turn the Dallas Township location into another Weis Market.

Shoppers we spoke with have mixed feelings about it.

"They're the only ones that carry my son's chocolate chip Pop Tarts, and it's the only place I can find them besides Walmart, and I don't want to travel up there for one item," Helen Davis said.

"I love their steaks. Thomas' has really good kielbasa and steaks," Carol Russell said.

Weis already has a location in Dallas but plans to convert the Dallas Foodtown location into a Weis Markets and operate two stores less than a mile apart.

"That just doesn't make sense. You can't make sense out of nonsense," Russell said.

A representative for Weis said all Thomas' employees will have an opportunity to interview for jobs at Weis, but it will be closing the Thomas' location in the Back Mountain Shopping Center.

"And that just opened up and I was only in there once, and it's like, 'Oh, what a shame,' you know? Lower prices that's what everybody wants and now they're going to close," Davis said.

Helen Davis says she's excited about the change as she favors Weis' prices, but she hopes that remains the case.

"That's what I'm worried about. (Are) the prices going up because they're cheaper, a little bit cheaper than Thomas'. Is that going to raise their price? Are they going to, you know, have the same items as Thomas' has here?"

At this point, there is no time set for the closure of the location in Shavertown, and the conversion of the location in Dallas Township. Weis says it is still in the early stages but hopes to complete the purchase by the end of this year.

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