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Real ID Goes into Effect in One Year

STROUD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- In exactly one year, if you're planning a trip to Disney or are finally taking that trip out west, you're going to want to make sure you have a Pennsylvania Real ID in order to get on a plane.

"I guess maybe it's a security thing, and it's probably helpful to make sure you know who is who when they are traveling. I think it's a good thing for the country, too," said Diane Rogell, Stroudsburg.

The new licenses meet federal anti-terrorism standards.

On October 1, 2020, you'll need a Real ID or a passport to get into most federal and military buildings or to fly domestically.

At AAA near Stroudsburg, managers say they have been getting a lot of questions on what type of documents people need to bring to the DMV in order to get a Real ID.

"Your driver's license, your Social Security card, birth certificate, or passport. If you have a passport already to get a Real ID, it makes it much easier when you go to the center to get it, and two proofs of residency," said Marsha Carrescia, AAA manager of member services.

One big issue can be for married women. If your name is now different than your birth certificate, you need a legal documentation of the name change, including a certified marriage certificate.

Another question a lot of people are asking is after they get the Real ID, is that enough to travel outside of the country? The answer to that is no, you still need a passport to get outside of the United States.

If you don't plan on going into government buildings or traveling by plane, you can still go on with a regular driver's license.

A Real ID costs $30.

For more information on Real ID, check out the Department of Motor Vehicle's website.


  • Tiffani Kase

    Please call your local DL center before going to get your RealID. The information regarding the documents you need to bring along changes between the DMV web site, and the mailings they send, and different DL locations. It can be very frustrating to take time to go, wait your turn, only to find out you don’t have everything. If you go ahead and get a regular ID, and come back later to do the RealID, you don’t just pay the additional money for the RealID. They make you pay for a whole new license as if you’re just renewing, again.

  • Michael Rogers

    Deleted my comment? Nice. Yellow journalism at its finest. If someone links roundabouts with tornados, you’re good with it, and seek to gain national attention from it. Someone else calls you out as the state mouthpiece you truly are and you’re unable to defend against it. You’re soulless trash.

  • Jim hacky (@HackyJim)

    And yet they let Illegal Aliens vote with a utility bill for id what a JOKE!
    Not that I’m in favor for this being mandatory but they should go a step more and make it for voting to of course that wont happen the Dems can’t buy votes for $30 they just wont pay!

  • Edward Fish

    The Constitution of the United States Article IV (Article 4 – States’ Relations)
    Section 2 1: The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.

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