Free Home Repairs in Central PA

BERWICK, Pa. -- Some people in parts of central Pennsylvania are now able to get their homes repaired for free. State grant money allows certain homeowners free housing repairs up to $65,000 each.

There are many homes in Berwick that are in need of repairs. Georgia Bellum's house is one of them.

”Minor repairs on the house like probably painting, new carpeting or something like that," Bellum said.

Several of those homes could soon get fixed up. The Susquehanna Economic Development Association-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) was awarded housing rehabilitation grants for Berwick, Jersey Shore, and Mount Carmel Township. Each municipality gets $500,000 for no-cost home repairs for eligible residents.

"I think it’s a really good idea," Bellum said.

There are certain guidelines to receive the money. You must own the house and have to fall under certain income qualifications.

Taras Kozak thinks it's a good thing for senior citizens.

”They’re living on a rate that’s five to 10 years old, and some people have to choose between food, medicine, and just living," Kozak said.

SEDA-COG oversees the entire process for the homeowner. Possible repairs include plumbing, roofing, structural, electrical, and more.

”Like the steps or the porch or anything like that, that would be good for the community," Jeff Walter said.

Ron Yorks rents his house but thinks the program is a good idea for homeowners in his neighborhood.

”Make your properties look nice. It makes it more of an appeal for people who are interested in buying homes in this area, so I think it would benefit a lot," Yorks said.

For information on how to apply for future grants, call SEDA-COG’s Stacy Anderson at 800-326-9310.

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