Mayor Shares Optimism with Scrantonians

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Scranton's new mayor believes his constituents and employees could use a little bit of optimism, so he had his own mantra printed on the door of City Hall.

Whether someone is showing up to work, picking up a permit, or paying their taxes, visitors to Scranton City Hall are now met with a quote printed on the front door.

"Every day is your chance to make this city a little better."

It originates from a sign in Sacramento, California that Mayor Evans says he saw on Instagram a few years ago and picked up as a personal mantra.

"Once I took the mayor's position, I thought what better way to carry this on than to put it on the front door and have everyone come into City Hall, see that sign, and say 'Hey, maybe I can do something today to make Scranton a little bit better.'" Evans said.

The quote is one of the only changes to the front of this building since it was built in the 1880s, but Evans says this is the point in the city's history when Scrantonians need this quote the most.

"We've sort of gone through a healing process. That's part of it. We can choose to be negative or we can choose to be optimistic. I happen to choose to be optimistic," Evans added.

Evans is serving as a temporary mayor after former mayor Bill Courtright was charged with corruption this summer.

Scrantonians we talked to weren't as quick to adopt Evans' optimism.

"I think it's positive and it's good, but it's just a quote. It doesn't mean anything. Do the job and finish it, but it's a nice positive phrase. But until they do what they say they're actually going to do, it means nothing," said Ralph Iori, former Scranton solicitor.

Iori served as the solicitor in the 1970s and knows City Hall better than most. He says actions speak louder than words, but this quote is certainly a step in the right direction.

"That's the start, and hopefully if they're more positive, they elect better, more conscientious people," Iori said.

Evans is only serving as mayor through the end of this year. The next mayor would have the authority to remove the quote from the doors, but Evans hopes it stays as a mark of his short administration.


  • Bobby Jackson

    Just what I was looking for! Some good ole Scranton propaganda! Wait for it… the same ones that believe nasa is a legitimate organization and believe we landed on moon are giving thumbs down…. if they get chance, thought police may very well have this comment removed before corporate media worshippers get there chance to thumbs down. Look up london real, Pena on the biggest hoax of our lives other than “space”, global warming to see for yourself. While I’m at it, why are oceans supposedly rising ? Ice caps melting? Get yourself glass of ice water, when the ice melts does water level rise? No it doesn’t. Its ALL a lie folks, don’t hate on me I’m only passing off truths but let’s get as many thumbs down as possible before thought police arrive.

    • not_pennysltucky (@ds18301)

      Your “comments” – really more of a “I’ve never valued education so I am not about to now” underscore the urgent need to educate the American electorate. This why the Founding Fathers (wisely?) initially did not allow poor non-landowners (i.e. the abjectly ignorant) people the right to vote. The devaluing of education has brought us this country’s current state of proud ignorance and therefore a certain perilous future… Let’s look at your “ice cube” problem. First of all, the ice floating on sea water is fresh water. Salt water has a much higher density and when the ice melts wit will indeed increase the volume (read about the Archimedes Principle). Perhaps easier to grasp: as sheets of ice break off or simply run-off into the oceans (which are not floating on the ocean but are/were on landmasses like Greenland), the oceans’ volume obviously increases. Hopefully you also understand the concept of thermal expansion — ocean temperatures are rising and therefore the water volume increases. While I’m certain the disappearing of the Maldives Islands is too far away for you to care about, please look at what is happening in Miami and NYC and the billions in $ needed to stave off the sea’s intrusion……By the way the USA did indeed land men on the moon. I will leave the mountain of (apparently difficult for you) scientific evidence aside and just point out that “conspiracies” like this (that would involve the absolute and forever silence of tens or even hundreds of thousands of people involved in the “secret”) just don’t happen. History has demonstrated time and time again that people cannot keep secrets for very long — especially big ones. The bigger the conspiracy theory, the more unlikely…. And oh by the way, sorry, but the Earth is indeed a globe…. Please do this country a favor: follow the Founding Father’s original intention and do not vote — or better yet: go back to school first.

      • yabbadabbadude

        This past August 22, Dr. Michael Mann, creator of the infamous “Hockey Stick” graph, was proven to be a fraud by Dr. Tim Ball in a court case in British Columbia. It seems Dr. Mann refused to release his data and methods (after promising to do so) so they could be verified by Dr. Ball and other scientists. Mann has to pay the court costs for the whole 8-year trial after suing Ball for libel. That’s pretty much it for global warming. (BOY, DID THE MSM BURY THIS STORY, HUH?)

        The elevation of N.Y.C. is 33′ above sea level with no levee protection.
        The elevation of Miami is 6′ above sea level with no levee protection.
        The average elevation of the Maldives is 4′ 11″ above sea level with no levee protection.
        No protection makes these spots vulnerable to storm surges and rogue waves, as they’ve been for thousands of years, and will be for thousands of years more.

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