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NRA: NASCAR Not Using Gun Ads with Assault Rifles in Them

Luzerne County, Pa. -- It appears that NASCAR is pulling away from the gun industry on the heels of the mass shootings across the country.

The NRA says several gun retailers told the gun-rights advocate that NASCAR turned down advertisements that include assault-style rifles or sniper rifles.

According to the NRA, the racing organization told those companies it is undergoing a “gradual shift in its position on guns”.

At Advanced Arms gun store in Pittston Township, gun dealer Jason Gnall is puzzled by this move.

“This is definitely surprising, considering, especially NASCAR, a lot of them freedom-loving Americans, a lot of them are [pro-second amendment],” said Gnall. “I know that because we get a lot of NASCAR fans in here so I think that this can definitely do some damage for NASCAR,” said Gnall.

The NRA echoed that sentiment, saying the average NASCAR fan supports the second amendment and likely owns firearms.

At The Cabin Armory and Training Center in Wilkes-Barre, the gun salesman at this indoor shooting range agrees.

“Very surprised NASCAR would do it, that was the last place I thought would do something like that, just based off their culture,” said Mike Rokitko.

And while NACAR hasn`t issued an official statement about this decision, it looks as if it`s biting the bullet and joining other national organizations to distance itself from certain firearms.

Just last week Walmart said it would stop selling some types of ammunition.

It also asked customers not to open carry firearms in its stores.

Days later Walgreens, CVS and Wegman's also requested the no-open carry as well.

“I mean, it`s their own private property, they can say what they want but I don`t think that that`s fair,” said Gnall. “I think if somebody wants to open carry, they should be allowed to.”

Attempts to reach NASCAR where not returned.


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