Funds Needed for New Bookmobiles

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- A library in Williamsport is asking for donations to fund three new mobile libraries. The library originally adopted the bookmobile idea back in 1939.

For the past 80 years, the James V. Brown Library's bookmobile has been providing books to people all over Lycoming County.  The library is trying to replace the 9-year-old mobile library and expand this service.

"We're looking to raise $500,000," said executive director Barbara McGary. "We are going to our donors and our community for donations in order to raise the money to change and revolutionize our service model."

The James V. Brown Library bookmobile has been servicing Lycoming County for years, but the library wants to replace it with three brand new mobile libraries so they can reach more people in the area.

"I just think it's wonderful. I know the commissioners are supporting it and they donate money and I give support to the library anyway that I can," said Karen Schooly.

Each new vehicle will serve either children, people in rural areas, or senior citizens.

"So instead of going everywhere with one vehicle and you could only be in one place at one time, we want to have three vehicles like a fleet going out to really serve."

One of the places that the bookmobile currently serves is St. John Neumann Elementary School in Williamsport. First grade teacher Brenda Kremser says a new bookmobile dedicated to children would be great for the community.

"It's a very limited space on the bookmobile for children so if a new story mobile comes and has many books and other hands-on activities and other things that we can use, that would be wonderful," Kremser said.

In addition to the new vehicles, the library will also be hiring another driver to help serve the community.

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