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State Police: Couple Went on Spending Spree After Accidental Deposit of $120K in Bank Account

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. -- A couple in Lycoming County are facing theft charges after their bank accidentally deposited more than $100,000 into their account.

State police say Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montoursville spent most of the money on items ranging from an SUV to a race car.

Investigators say Robert and Tiffany Williams had $120,000 deposited into their account at BB&T on May 31 through a mistake by a teller. But instead of contacting the bank about the deposit, the couple allegedly spent most of the money.

All in two and a half weeks, between June 3 through June 19.

Neighbors were stunned.

“That is kind of shocking, with all the procedures the banks have set up, checking and double-checking and triple-checking, there`s no way anybody gets away with that stuff,” said Nate Weaver.

State police say the Williams bought an SUV, two four-wheelers, a camper, a car trailer.

Police say the Williams also used the money on bills, car repairs, cash purchases and even gave $15,000 to friends in need of money.

“I would check in with the bank first before I didn`t anything, I'm not that dumb but some people do stupid things sometimes,” said Robert Painton.

Once the bank realized its mistake, it transferred the $120,000 to the correct account.

It contacted Tiffany Williams on June 20 and told her the couple had to pay back the $107,000 in overdraft fees they incurred.

On June 21, the bank called again.

Tiffany said she and her husband would work out a payment plan.

Court papers show after those two initial phone calls from the bank, the couple had no contact with bank representatives, despite several attempts by the bank to reach them.

The couple is now facing felony theft charges.

A man at the Williams` home said he was Robert`s father.

“I have no idea, I don`t even know what`s going on. I`m just the dad, I have no idea what`s going on, I don`t know what to tell you,” he said.

Robert and Tiffany Williams were released on $25,000 bail.


  • Adam Danischewski

    It’s ridiculous that they are being charged with theft for money deposited into their account through no action or fault of their own. The bank should be forced to live with the error.

    • Bryon Miller

      So the bank should lose the money? Get real. They KNEW they didn’t have 120k in the bank so they spent the money as fast as possible, of course they owe it back. It’s Ridiculous to think it’s Ridiculous of the bank to expect to be paid back.

    • Andrea Daines

      Wrong. Bottom line: If you didn’t earn the money yourself then it isn’t yours. They should have known better than to try to steal from a profit center like a bank. They just destroyed the rest of their lives. Their credit will be shot, they’ll likely lose their jobs, and they won’t be able to get good jobs in the future because they now have felony records. All for $120K. Idiots.

    • Lance Blinent

      In PA there is crime called Theft of property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake. I assume that’s what they were charged with.

    • Robert Ostrowski

      Bank makes mistake – presses charges
      You make mistake – good luck getting your money back
      I can totally agree with that. It took the bank 3 weeks to realize it made an error!?! Seriously? The bank should be held accountable as well, is their teller facing charges? Any managers? Nope.

    • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

      You claim :through no action or fault of their own” Yet fail to see the action of withdrawing and spending money that wasn’t theirs in the fully known act to defraud the bank , These liberal thought processes are literally brain damaged !

    • blisterpeanuts

      Oh! I found Danischewski’s wallet that he mistakenly left on his seat at the movie theater. I took $3,000 out of it, plus all the credit cards, and went on a spending spree. FREE MONEY!!! What? You say I was wrong to do that? It’s ridiculous that I would be charged for theft for money left lying on a seat right next to me, through no action or fault of my own. Danischewski should be forced to live with the error.

  • lamestream r

    Same scenario as the woman child found the necklace locket at Knoebels and only came forward after seeing the reported lost item on the news and after they found out the locket contained human ashes! The property is not yours and should be turned over to authorities all the time, period!

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Ha HA hA ha ! Boy are people stupid , Stealing is stealing no matter how you do it. Let see these buffoons sell everything and pay back the remainder at 25% of their pay . But hey they weren’t moral enough to do right in the first place or make a deal with the bank to keep criminal charges at bay so when you see the crazy banking fees think of these fools who cost you .

  • JohnnyPoconos

    If I logged in to my Wells Fargo account online and saw there was an extra $120.000 in my account , the first thing I would do is contact the bank. I know it’s an error. I would contact my bank. Instead these morons spent the money like it was their money and they should be punished for that. They knew it was a mistake and they still spent the money. They chose greed over honesty and they should be punished. It was NOT their money and they knew that !

  • John W

    Mistakes happen but this isn’t Robin hood.. the couple made a bad decision to spend money that wasn’t theirs.. stupid!

  • John W

    Mistakes happen but this isn’t Robin hood.. the couple made a bad decision to spend money that wasn’t theirs.. stupid!

  • norman vincent

    The bank essentially gave the money to the people. They did not ask for it. Now they are charged for the banks error? Did the person who made the error get in trouble?

    • 9 out of 10

      Nine out of ten people say that Norman Vincent would do the same stupid things this couple did and think there isn’t anything wrong with it.

    • Bryon Miller

      An accidental deposit into your account does not equal free gift. You’d probably try to press charges if the bank made the error, then corrected it after you saw the balance.

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