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Power To Save: Organic Farming and Sustainability

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A husband and wife team in Wayne County turned a home remedy for a skin condition into a full-scale organic farm.

Pulling up to the Big G Organic Farm near Waymart, it looks and sounds like any other farm. However, Thomas Guadagno and his wife Eunha do things differently with their sheep and goats.

"I talk to them every day. The ones I'm milking, we communicate a lot," Thomas Guadagno joked.

Jokes aside, the Big G Organic Farm is certified organic.

"We use organic feed, all organic hay. We use no chemicals at all, no steroids, no antibiotics, nothing like that in any of our animals."

Guadagno uses a more old-fashioned approach when milking the goats which he says gives the milk a better taste.

"We milk differently than most people. You'll notice we don't have a pipeline. I milk into a chilled can. It goes from right in here into refrigeration."

Whether the goat milk is refrigerated or frozen depends on what the Guadagnos plan to do with it.

"The frozen milk is what's best for making soap. Then we use the fresh milk in the lotions."

Making soap with organic goat's milk started as an alternative home remedy to steroids for Eunha to clear up eczema on her hands. That soap and much more is available in the Big G Organic Farm store.

Beyond the organic mission at Big G Organic farm, Thomas and his wife are committed to sustainability. They use everything on the farm to help their farm turn a profit every year.

"Everything we produce on the farm in some way makes us money down the road. If you're not doing that, you're going to go broke," Thomas said.

If you can't make it to the Big G Organic Farm Store on Route 296, you can order their products online.

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