Advocating for Workers on Labor Day in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- While some spent Labor Day barbecuing or sitting by the pool, others in Luzerne County spent the day off from work advocating for labor unions.

It was a soggy start to the annual NEPA Labor Day Festival in Wilkes-Barre, but it didn't stop some folks from coming out to stand up for the working class.

"Even though it's Labor Day, we're still here working to let everybody know that the federal workers need to be represented," said Barri Sue Bryant, regional AFGE president.

"It basically reflects part of the American labor movement. They're used to making sacrifices, putting in time and effort to benefit the working-class people throughout America, so you know, we're showing the fruits of our labor pay off, and it's going to benefit our country and our community in a positive manner," said Walter Klepaski of Pittston.

Barri Sue Bryant is the regional president for the American Federation of Government Employees. She wanted to share a message that federal workers face the same challenges as workers in the private sector.

"We want people to realize that so if they think the federal workers should be treated fairly, please contact your congressman or your senator and let them know to support the federal workers," Bryant advised.

While some spent the day off from work advocating for their unions, others spent the day raising money for causes near and dear to their hearts.

"We're selling chances for $1 apiece. Proceeds will help to fund a variety of programs at the VA Medical Center and we're proud to serve our vets for all the service they provided and sacrificed for our country," Klepaski said.

In either case, these folks spent the holiday trying to make sure people remember the labor in Labor Day.

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  • Dave

    government workers are the ones who think they know better then the american voter this was nothing more then a Democratic recruitment drive

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