IndyCar Series Not Returning to Pocono

POCONO RACEWAY -- IndyCar won't be at Pocono Raceway next season.

That announcement came over the weekend.

IndyCar will, instead, be moving to Richmond Raceway in Virginia.

"It's disappointing, when they brought back IndyCar racing to Pocono Raceway, a lot of people were excited about that and more business for the area and more business for Pocono Raceway, now that's not going to be there, I'm sure we'll all suffer some kind of loss," said Bob Lomis of Wilkes-Barre, who works near the track.

Just last month, thousands of fans flocked to the Tricky Triangle for the ABC Supply 500.

Race fans call it one of the more unique races at the track.

After decades, IndyCar decided races returned to Pocono Raceway in 2013.

In 2015, a driver was killed, hit by debris after a crash at the track.

Pocono Raceway's CEO Nick Igdalsky released a statement about IndyCar's decision:

"We share in the disappointment of thousands who also dreamed of future open-wheel races at 'The Tricky Triangle.'

The open-wheel races here brought thousands of fans and big business to the area on race weekends.

"The fact that it's going to be somewhere else instead of here is kind of unfortunate for all the small businesses around here and even the race track. I'm sure it costs a lot of money to have a race and do all that but all the vendors and stuff doing stuff at the track won't be able to do that once a year is going to be unfortunate," said Glenn Iversen of Moyer's Country Kitchen in nearby Tobyhanna Township.

Some race fans said they are holding out hope that IndyCar racing may one day return here to Pocono Raceway.


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