Concern, Frustration After Gunfire In Hazleton

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Police are searching for answers after the latest round of gunfire in Hazleton.

Johan Castillo doesn't know why someone would want to hurt him or his family, but someone tried by driving by his home on West 11th Street in Hazleton, spraying the place with bullets.

"We hear like a car, they fire, 'pop, pop, pop' and we throw ourselves on the floor and sofa. I don't know. We don't have a problem with nobody," he said.

Castillo was home with his brother and mother at the time. No one was hit.

Police say about 50 bullets hit the Castillos home and the two places next door, shattering glass windows and doors.

All this happened right across the street from Hazleton Elementary/Middle School.

"It's not right, it's not right at all, especially with the school starting back up and the little kids running around here. This is every single day, every single night, you hear gunshots, you got drugs running up and down the streets, it's just bad, it's just bad," said Moe Green of Hazleton.

Last month, police were called to four separate incidents in just over 24 hours.

Cars and houses throughout the city were riddled with bullets. No people were hurt.

Investigators say it was the work of rival groups in the city.

They also say getting people to talk to them can be a problem.

Officers call it frustrating when no one will give them information.

"Nobody want to talk because it's a code on the street called no snitching and I don't think that's right either but that's the way how it is and that's the code on the street," said Green.

Hazleton police want people to know they can give anonymous information and tips by texting 'mytips' to 274637 or online.


  • mavic1167

    If everyone in this country shared y’alls thoughts we’d be DOOMED. Clearly many of you have yet to leave the oh so lovely state of Pennsylvania. Wake up you bunch of morons y’all have the smallest percentage of illegal immigrants. All of these people who commit crimes are AMERICAN CITIZENS. Oh yeah there’s a drug problem. Economics…SUPPLY AND DEMAND. If every single one of you toothless idiots weren’t addicted to crack cocaine, there wouldn’t be people distributing in the city. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You sound like the 1930s Germans who pinned everything on the Jews. Wake up. Stop making everything about politics!!! You’ve tarnished the Republican name and do many idiots have started voting Democrat thanks to your idiocracy. Take responsibility.

  • whopperplopper

    it’s making it’s way North, up da line to WB & Scr.
    remember the cops are only mins away & the second ones at the scene.
    lock & load

  • lickerblisters

    Ok, here’s the deal. Send in 1,000 ICE agents. 2,000 National Guard, and a 8:00 pm curfew until this bullsh#t is eliminated. Not stopped, ELIMINATED! Use one of the several abandoned warehouses around Hazleton as a internment camp until they can be given a one-way ticket back home. And for the love of God, FINISH THE WALL!!! (You’re welcome!)

    • chickabiddy13

      A wall for Mexico will not stop crime caused by people from DR and PR. Do you even know what you are talking about?

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