Bugs Biting? Help Is Here

All of the rain and humidity we’ve been dealing with lately,  especially warmer nights, is making many cold-blooded creatures such as bugs even more active.

If you’ve been swatting them away like crazy including mosquitos, Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey teamed up with a pro from the University of Scranton who offered several tips to keep the bugs at bay.

Department of Biology insect expert Dr. David Ingber joined Ryan on Tuesday.   David has his PhD in entomology and wildlife ecology.

His ideas included a DIY natural approach to fend off mosquitos. It included using lemon-eucalyptus oil. Just mix some of the oil with water in a spray bottle, shake it up, and spray on your skin for 2 to 4 hours of protection at a time.

Other ideas to prevent mosquitoes is to get rid of their breeding grounds around the outside of your home such as anything with standing water: children's toys, bird-baths, stagnant ponds, etc.

Dr. Ingber also suggests to try to attract bats around your property. They are "a great way to reduce the flying insects in your yard, bats can eat as much as their body weight in insects every day, which is a lot of insects." Try putting out bat houses to attract them.

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