Parents of Schoolkids Get Help with Supplies, Haircuts

MILTON, Pa. -- Students in the Milton Area School District are all getting ready to go back to school. They just checked "get a haircut" off their to-do lists.

The basement of the Bridge of Hope in Milton transformed into a barbershop and hair salon. Bridge of Hope is a ministry of Crossroads Church of the Nazarene. This is the third annual free haircut event.

"People are just excited with it being our third year. They're anticipating it. We even had phone calls even before we announced it because they love the opportunity to come and receive what they need," said Janette Berge, Crossroads Church of the Nazarene.

Local barbers and beauticians donated their time and gave free haircuts.

"I know with having kids, sometimes it's hard to get all their stuff around for school. It gets expensive quick, so it's just a way of providing a little extra help," said Frank Rodriguez from Against the Grain Barbershop.

"It's really a good opportunity for my students, not only to give back but to learn. The experiences that they're getting today, the smiles, just the good time in general, they're getting more than they're giving," said Janette Zellers from Empire Beauty School.

The church is also giving away shoes, school supplies, and clothing.

"Supplies that were left over from disaster relief in Texas, they needed a place for it to all go once all of that was through, and they asked if we would like to take it," said Berge.

Parents are appreciative.

"To me, it's a lot because especially with the hard times with the money and situation with the kids, with not working a lot, it's really a lot," Shanna Camcho said.

Organizers expected several hundred kids at the event.

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  • Granny4

    What is next, the more you give the more they take. If you can’t afford to raise your kids don’t have any. I understand families can go through a rough time and I don’t begrudge them help, but the majority of these freeloaders don’t even try to help themselves!

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