Snyder County Cabinetry Plant Wood-Mode to Reopen

KREAMER, Pa. -- The former Wood-Mode plant in Snyder County is about to get a second life.

Businessman Bill French from Middleberg finalized the purchase of Wood-Mode Thursday. He's already hired about a dozen people and plans to employ up to 500 people.

There are vehicles in the Wood-Mode parking lot in Kreamer, a welcome sight after the cabinetry plant suddenly closed nearly three months ago.

The abrupt closure left nearly 1,000 people without jobs including Cathy Lauver of Selinsgrove.

"932 people out of a job in a split second, didn't have time to collect their belongings. That's pretty devastating," Lauver said.

Middleburg businessman Bill French bought the company this week. French is president of Professional Building Systems.

Steve Rhoads worked for Wood-Mode for 47 years and is open to going back.

"I would listen to what he had to say because I have the skills to know about product cost, and certainly he needs to know about what it's costing to produce his product if he wants to make a profit."

French did not say how much he paid for Wood-Mode and said the company's debt will remain the former owner's responsibility.

Wood-Mode was a custom cabinetry plant in Kreamer that closed suddenly earlier this year, leaving nearly 1,000 people out of work. At the time, it was Snyder County's largest employer.


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