Eyes on the Butterflies: Campers at Keystone College Get Lessons in STEM

KEYSTONE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Tiny winged creatures and faces filled with awe -- campers had a chance to get an up-close and personal experience with butterflies at Keystone College.

Friends of the Poor host about 60 campers from the Scranton area during the six-week camp. For the past several years, Keystone College has hosted Camp Connections. Organizers hope campers pick up skills in science, technology, robotics, engineering, and math.

"We utilize the entire campus. We utilize the Tunkhannock Creek and the art studios, and the students can learn about ceramics and the kids get the kind of hands-on experience," said camp director Keely Kettel.

David Folk showed the campers the butterfly process from egg to butterfly.

"The amount of habitat is directly related to all the butterflies we have and with all the loss of buildings, it reduces habitat. Without habitat, you have no butterflies," Folk explained.

For part of the lesson, Makenna Coggins was able to put on butterfly wings and be a butterfly.

"Well, I am actually a fan of bugs, but I don't like a certain type of bugs, but I do like butterflies. I like pretty bugs," Coggins said.

The butterfly lesson only lasts for an hour but organizers hope it's part of a week that provides a lasting impression on the campers.

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