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AmberDonia Bakery Comes to Wilkes-Barre   

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A long-awaited bakery in Wilkes-Barre will finally open its doors on Tuesday. The owner says he has wanted to open in the city for close to a decade.

AmberDonia Bakery is family-run business that specializes in European-style pastries. There is currently a location in Kingston, and now the owners are opening a second location in Wilkes-Barre.

Walking through AmberDonia's new location in downtown Wilkes-Barre, you can't help but notice the attention to detail and the homage to Italy in every corner.

Butch Sacipi owns the bakery with his wife and says the decor in his newest location at the corner of South Washington and East Northampton streets is part of the experience he wants to offer his customers

"Go someplace where it's more than the extraordinary, right? So this is part of my whole theme in this bakery is to invite somebody and make a trip worthwhile," Sacipi said.

Sacipi says this place will have items similar to what's at the Kingston location for people looking for something sweet.

"In order to get these European pastries, you normally have to go to Philly or New York. Well guess what, who's got the time for that and the money and the traffic and the headache," Sacipi added.

Sacipi tells Newswatch 16 he's wanted to open a shop in Wilkes-Barre for nearly 10 years and he's been working on this location for about two years.

"I believe Wilkes-Barre is the heartbeat of the northeast. It's centralized. It's dead center. Everybody has a quick access to it."

People who work downtown say they've been keeping their eyes on the new location, watching as the family gets it ready for business.

"We've paid attention to the thing in the window. We just sent out an email at work. I work over at the library, and everybody's kind of paying attention and hoping it will open soon," said Weaver Cooper of Bear Creek.

Sacipi tells us he will have a soft opening Tuesday at 10 a.m. Coffee and pastries will be available to customers. It will still be a little while longer until Neapolitan-style pizza is served here. For more information, you can find the bakery on Facebook.

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