Army Vet Celebrates 100 Years of Life

SCRANTON, Pa. -- What better way to celebrate a 100th birthday than with polka music, cake, and family.

Wearing a blue World War II veteran hat, Morris Kashuba clapped along with his family inside the Gino Merli Center in Scranton

“Very, very excellent I call that very good a family get together. It brings peace,” said Kashuba.

For three years, Kashuba served overseas in the army during World War II.

More than 70 years later, the veteran is being celebrated for his life and service.

“It is very, very nice for them to put this on so spectacular. They did a very nice, nice job of this,” said Kashuba.

“This facility is outstanding the things they do for the veterans of our country is outstanding and I commend everyone here,” said nephew Joe Kashuba of Scott Township

After the music faded, Pennsylvania's Adjutant General Tony Carrelli read Kashuba a birthday letter from the governor.

Carrelli says he had this milestone marked on his calendar.

“People watch the Military Channel, the History Channel, and if you roam these halls, people lived it and you just talk to them about the places they went and the things they saw it is pretty incredible,” said Maj. Gen. Tony Carrelli, Pennsylvania Adjutant General.


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