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French’s Launches Ice Cream for National Mustard Day, Oscar Mayer Responds

You’d be forgiven for not having explicit plans for National Mustard Day, but French’s wants to make sure you know it’s on Saturday.

That’s why America’s largest mustard manufacturer made mustard flavored ice cream!

The company teamed up with ice cream company Coolhaus to create the bizarre flavor.

Some of the staff at People got a sneak preview and report it’s not as dreadful as you might think.

They describe tasting cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream – before the mustard flavor hits you.

Still, French’s must know it’s not going to have mass appeal because the yellow goo is only going to be available for a few days in Los Angeles and New York.

Not to be outdone, Oscar Mayer responded to French’s announcement with one of their own – the Ice Dog Sandwich.

In a tweet, Oscar Mayer calls out the mustard manufacturer by saying, “Who eats just mustard French’s? Condiments were made for Oscar Mayer hot dogs.”

The Ice Dog Sandwich would contain hot dog and spicy mustard flavored ice creams.


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