Two Years After Surviving the Deadliest U.S. Mass Shooting, She Was There When the Garlic Festival Gunman Opened Fire

SACRAMENTO - In the panic following the gunfire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, thousands wondered what was happening. Only a few found themselves thinking, "not again."

“Oh man, this is not happening again,” Alicia Olive recalls thinking Sunday as she escaped the mass shooting in Gilroy - her second.

On October 1, 2017, Olive escaped the mass shooting at the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas. She said she entered a deep depression following the tragedy.

“I would go into either - if it’s a bar or sometimes just a crowded area - and something about it, it just, I start to panic,” Olive said.

Olive said it took almost two years after Vegas to start to feel safe in public places again.

Then, she ended up in Gilroy, in the company of two friends she met in a Las Vegas shooting support group.

All three of them are part of a small group of Americans with a distinction none of them wants: they’ve now survived two mass shootings.

“After the Vegas shooting, I felt like I would be there again, and it happened,” Olive said. “Angry. It makes you angry.”

Olive said she was near the concert stage where the shooter entered the festival. She and her friends were leaving, but before they hit the exit, gunshots rang out.

“I said, ‘I can’t believe this is happening again.’ We were trying to find somewhere to get cover,” she said.

Olive said massacres really can happen anywhere, but accepting tragedy as inevitable isn't enough.

“We can’t tell that to the families that lost someone. Say, ‘oh well that’s life, that’s America,'" she said. "It’s not enough. It’s time to say enough is enough."


  • fortisveritas

    A lot of anti-gun propaganda on here lately. Didn’t hear much that about the muslim shooter training camp in New Mexico last year, did we?

    • fortisveritas

      Most likely didn’t go to the ‘gun free safe space’ event – you know, the one the shooter had to cut through the fence to get into? Thanks to jerks like you, decent people who carry are vilified and demonized and either don’t go to these shooting galleries – I mean gun free zones – or leave their firearms in their vehicles. Remind me again – who took the shooter down? Oh yeah, a good guy with a gun. A cop. But you hate them too, don’t you? BLM and all that manure… 👊🏾

      • darkhorse6669

        I have never said BLM in my life, they are a way over the top group that accomplishes nothing because they wont sit down and actually talk to legislators, they just yell. Why even mention that when it had nothing to do with race or skin color? And i only hate scummt cops that abuse power. I just commented on an article the other day giving big props to the wright township police cheif…. credit where credit is due but only where its due..

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