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Witnesses Shocked by Deadly Shooting, Standoff

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- What started as a homicide in Williamsport continued with an all-night standoff in Lock Haven and ended Thursday morning with the suspect taking his own life.

According to Williamsport police, it all started at the corner of West Fourth and Elmira Streets. That's when police say Thomas Matthews shot another man who then crashed into several parked cars and later died.

You can still see broken glass on West Fourth Street in Williamsport at the scene of the shooting and crash.

According to Williamsport police, Thomas Matthews shot Kerry Young at the intersection of West Fourth and Elmira Streets around 7 p.m. Young then crashed into parked cars causing his vehicle to roll over.

"The shootings and then the noise and then the car hitting the other car," recalled Javier Pascual.

"All of Fourth Street from two blocks down were taped off," Eric Matz said.

Young died at the hospital.

Williamsport police say after all that, Matthews fled to Lock Haven, where he had a standoff with police that lasted most of the night.

Matthews was at his girlfriend's apartment which is above Tropical Tanning and Beauty Salon. Tammy Ames and Siearra Henry own the salon. Henry lives in one of the apartments with her husband and son.

"I'm looking out the windows and there's cops all out front, cops out the side window. The next thing I know, my mom is calling me. She's like, 'you need to get your son, be real quiet and make your way outside,'" Siearra Henry said.

Matthews was involved in a standoff with police for several hours. Around 7 a.m., police shot tear gas into the apartment. An hour later, a response team went in and found Matthews dead from an apparent suicide.

"I was scared," Tammy Ames said. "I wasn't quite sure what was going on, so it was 1 in the morning, the call was a little scary."

Thomas Matthews and Kerry Young are both dead as a result of the events.

Police haven't said what led to the shooting in Williamsport.

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