Getting Your ‘CarFit’ in Luzerne County

DALLAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- You may go to a tailor to see if your suit fits right or an eye doctor to make sure your glasses fall in the right spot but where do you go to see if your car fits?

Back in the day, in Driver's Ed class, we learned where our mirrors should be, how far above the steering wheel our eye line should be, and more. But as time goes on, our bodies and vehicles change.

"I just set it and let it forget it," laughed Donald Purvin of Shavertown.

Purvin thought he had everything lined up right when it came to his car, but he learned a couple things at a special program held at the Meadows Manor in Dallas Township where older drivers brought their cars to make sure they fit.

"We were able to partner with highway safety patrol to do this great CarFit event," explained Melissa Margotta with the Meadows Manor. "It really is a benefit to the people who we serve here which is so important to us."

This CarFit program is an effort by AAA, AARP, and the American Occupational Therapy Association.

"We checked the turn signals, the headlights, the mirrors, the steering wheel," said Purvin.

Organizers tell Newswatch 16 one of the biggest things they are teaching older drivers is what all the buttons inside their cars are for.

"That's really what CarFit's about because what we're finding is that their children who are now adults are buying their older parents new cars and they don't know all the bells and whistles of the new cars," added Rebecca Rybak of the Northeast Highway Safety Program.

Organizers say some of the mistakes older drivers are making could lead to problem out on the road.

"What we found today is that a lot of them didn't know where their four-way flashers are, where their high beams were is a big one that they didn't know about and some of them still are not wearing their seatbelts," added Rybak.

Each driver went through a checklist to make sure their car fit. Some even drove away with new accessories to help them out on the road.

"But it was really helpful, very much and she was very kind," added Purvin.

If you'd like to learn more and see if your car 'fits,' you can find more information on

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