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Celebrating Summer in Bloomsburg

BLOOMSBURG – Food, wine, arts and crafts, you could find it all at the Summer In Bloom Festival in Bloomsburg.

Sunny weather made for the perfect day as the festival was packed with all sorts of vendors.

“It is a beautiful day out here and its a nice day to have this kind of activity for family and friends to come around and enjoy the day,” said Michael Kreisher

The summer festival raises money for the Bloomsburg Children's Museum.

“We want to keep it local we hold these events for the people of Bloomsburg to give it that community home feeling,” said Julie Klinger.

More than 50 vendors here on market street celebrating the first dry weekend of the summer.

“We have been watching the weather for the last week. We were going to call joe Snedeker to see if he had any connections because we were quite concerned and it turned out to be a great day,” said Joy Hutton.

Winemakers at 3 Dogs Vino were excited to have people try all their wines at the festival.

It gets the people out and about . It is the first day without rain so we are all out enjoying and it brings people together.

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