Shakespeare Herb Garden at Susquehanna University

SELINSGROVE, Pa.  -- William Shakespeare was the inspiration for a new garden on the campus of Susquehanna University.

The garden contains some of the 175 plants and herbs mentioned in Shakespeare's writings.

Students and faculty planted herbs next to the library on campus. When it's finished, it will be known as a Shakespeare Garden.

"If we were going to do a class project, I wanted to enrich the sustainability around campus and also include the students in it and make something interactive," said sophomore Maddi Laubscher.

A Shakespeare Garden is a garden that contains plants mentioned in William Shakespeare's writings. For example, rosemary from "Hamlet" and parsley from "The Taming of the Shrew."

"Herbs were a great way to get started, have a structure that will go from year to year. Many of them are perennial, but also something that we can easily move or take out if we need to," said Meg Garnett, special collections library.

Inspiration for the garden comes from works by and about William Shakespeare. The books are kept at Susquehanna's rare book library.

"When the idea came up again, I suggested the Shakespeare Garden because it gave us a coherent theme to organize around and also a coherent way to link it to the library," Garnett said.

"Obviously, it just seemed like a great mix together," 'Laubscher said.

The garden is a class project for Susquehanna University's class of 2022.

"We hope that through this we can encourage students to take from the garden and use it for whatever they want to," 'Laubscher said.

Each plant will also have a sign to explain what it is and how it was used in Shakespeare's writings.

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