Lycoming County SPCA Recommends ‘Trap, Neuter, Release’ for Feral Cats

WILLIAMSPORT,  Pa. -- The Lycoming County SPCA says as of next week, it will no longer accept feral cats. The SPCA, hoping to avoid putting animals down, is encouraging a trap, neuter, release approach instead.

Currently, the Lycoming County SPCA euthanizes around 300 feral cats a year. As of next week, that will all stop. Instead of accepting stray cats, the shelter will hand out vouchers to have those felines spayed or neutered.

A man who brought in a cat he trapped says this cat and others are feral and running loose around his neighborhood. This happens almost daily at the Lycoming County SPCA, but not for long.

Starting next Monday, the center will no longer accept feral cats in order to cut down on euthanization.

"We euthanize around 300 cats a year because they are wild and we can't handle them. Our goal is zero euthanasia," said Victoria Stryker, Lycoming County SPCA.

Stryker says instead of taking in feral cats, employees will give out vouchers to have the cats spayed or neutered. The Lycoming County SPCA recently got two grants totaling more than $30,000 to assist with this process.

"This is just a wider expansion of what we've already been doing," Stryker said.

Marge Sleboda fosters cats for the SPCA.

I think it's an excellent idea," Sleboda said. "If you would get them and spay them, they could be set free again and live a normal life."

There are ways to keep feral cats off your property. Stryker says one way is to put orange peels or coffee grounds around your house.

The Lycoming County SPCA is looking for people who want to learn how to participate in the trap, neuter, release program.

"Cats who aren't spayed or neutered, they are the ones who are doing the yowling, fighting, spraying. Once you get them spayed or neutered, they stop those behaviors because they are no longer seeking a mate," Stryker said.


  • Denise NonyaBizness

    Lycoming County SPCA needs to look at other return to field programs. This is NOT how it’s done! This is possibly even more dangerous for the cats.

    • mary sue rose

      Although there is no law that says you have to have tags on your cat , even if you choose to put tags on your cat, some of these cat trappers are dishonest and they will remove the tags and still take your cat

      • Eric Barton

        Your cat will live a long happy life if you keep it on your property. Let it roam and its your fault when someone traps and kills your nuisance animal.

    • Eric Barton

      It your feral cats push neighbors to the point they trap them what do you think the chances are that voucher would actually be used?

    • lisamarie7676

      they need to just do away with this cat trapping, there are too many dishonest people doing this and stealing pets

      • Eric Barton

        You think they are stealing cats? They are eradicating an invasive species from their property. Cats aren’t trapped to keep them breathing.

  • mary sue rose

    Some of these people that trap cats are stealing peoples pets,And there is NO law that says you have to have tags on a cat,,these people that trap cats are not allowed to make up their own laws as an excuse to steal your pet cat

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