10 People Forced Out of Homes after Apartment Building Partially Collapses

JERSEY SHORE, Pa. --  The effects of this week's violent weather are still being felt, this time in Lycoming County.

10 people were forced from their home after their apartment building partially collapsed in Jersey Shore.

As of Friday night, it’s not known when the residents will be able to return home.

A big pile of bricks sit in the backyard of an apartment building in the 400 block of S. Main Street in Jersey Shore after the back side of the building collapsed early Friday morning.

Residents say they heard a loud noise around 4 a.m. but went back to sleep.

Then two hours later, police were knocking on their doors, telling tenants they had to leave immediately.

“He said 'you got to get out of the house' and I said ‘What?’,” said Pat Thiesenhusen. “He said 'you got to get out.' I said 'Why?' He said 'the building's collapsing.' I said ‘okay!’”

Thiesenhusan and Denise Hill say tenants had no time to take any of their belongings.

“So, I called Salvation Army and I got there and they gave us $50 vouchers,” said Hill. “So we threw clothes in a bag and here we are hoping to get our cats.”

Signs were posted at several spots on the building, warning people to keep out.

10 tenants total are now having to stay someplace else.

“So glad they all got out safely,” said owner Alan Feerrar. “My brother and I put them in some motels in some motels around here, the ones that needed it, couple had places to go.”

Jersey Shore's code inspector says the collapse was probably due to the building's age and all the wet weather.

According to the owner and the code inspector, county records show the building was constructed in 1901, but because that's only as far back as the county records go, they believe it was more likely built in the 1800s.

A structural engineer was out inspecting the building and says no one is allowed inside until that wall is shored up but it's not clear when residents can return home permanently.

“It's just a situation that nobody has any control over. You just got to make the best of it,” said David Bergstrom.

The owner says he working to get a construction crew out as soon as possible to shore up that wall.

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