Storm Damage in Bradford County

ROME TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Heavy winds came blowing through Bradford County on Tuesday, ripping trees from their roots in Rome Township and tossing a shed on Deborah Kepner's property.

"I could see debris flying above the tree line over here. I've been here 22 years and I've never seen anything like that," Kepner said.

Kepner says it took three or four minutes for the storm to cause all of this damage.

"I saw our shed uplift and go down through the yard hit into the other shed. Trees were down. Shingles, I got shingles in my pool!"

About an hour after the storm hit, Kepner's neighbors came over to check on her. They noticed some of her shingles were missing and they started repairing her roof.

"It's crazy. It's like we're all a family here in Rome, and we all come to help each other out," said Dustin Allen, her neighbor.

People we spoke with are relieved no one was hurt. Now, they're just waiting for power and phone service to be restored.

"All of our lines are lying down on the trees over here. We have no phone even. We have no cell service either. We're kind of off the grid a little bit," said Kepner.

The National Weather Service is sending a crew Wednesday to survey the damage to determine if it was a tornado that caused it.

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