Man Dead After ATV Crash in Luzerne County

FOSTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — One person is dead after an ATV crash early Monday morning in Luzerne County.

Troopers say Michael Jensen, 45, was traveling on Oley Valley Road near Freeland when he lost control rolling the ATV just before 3:30 a.m.

That man from the Philadelphia area was taken to the hospital where he later died.


  • artemis133 (@artemis133)

    No sympathy here. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes. My husband and I have been dealing with this mess near our property. We contact the PSP and the railroad police, because these bozos trespass on railroad property that is clearly marked for “no offroad vehicles”. They don’t give a rat’s furry butt. The laws don’t apply to them. One of the railroad guys said that this is going on all up and down the area, W-B, Scranton, Hazleton, Freeland. All these city people come here and tear up our area, properties, and peace. I wish these losers would’ve never found us; the whole area is now a ghetto.

  • yougottabekiddin1

    The ATVs go up and down the township roads and state roads all summer long by my place. Some young kids with no helmets going very fast. Some old enough to know better but think laws don’t apply to them. Some are loud enough to fire the dogs up with windows and doors closed. I guess when you spend so much money on these, you get an exception to traffic and private property laws! Now, before we go the outsider route, this property has been in my wife’s family for 100 or so years….so the outsiders are the problem!

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