Wood-Mode Employees Attend Job Fair

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's been a little over a week since Snyder County's largest employer went out of business leaving nearly 1,000 people unemployed.

Hundreds of people went to the Selinsgrove VFW Wednesday for a job fair.

Wood-Mode closed its doors suddenly last week leaving a lot of people wondering what comes next.

"We need really good people to make our ship stronger. There is a high concentration of really good people here," said Brandan Lawrence of Plain and Fancy Custom Cabinetry.

CareerLink planned this job fair months ago, but since Wood-Mode closed there is increased interest.

This job fair was originally supposed to have around 30 vendors. When Wood-Mode went out of business, the job fair more than doubled in size.

Some of the more than 60 employers were cabinetry businesses similar to Wood-Mode.

"I know there was a lot of people laid off. A lot of people worked at that plant. We just wanted to come and help out," said Calvin Collins.

Collins represents Village Handcrafted Cabinetry, located about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

"I'm finding a lot of people not wanting to make that drive, obviously, but a lot of great people up here. I've met a lot of good people so far," Collins said.

"I had heard from a number of individuals that they would either consider moving to that area or wouldn't mind an hour and a half commute," Lawrence said.

Some former Wood-Mode employees filled out applications and others had interviews on the spot.

"I think it's really nice. I was looking for health care information and there's quite a few stations here with that," Rose Forry said.

There is another job fair scheduled for June 4 at Selinsgrove Area Elementary School. That job fair is only open to former Wood-Mode employees.

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  • savescrantonhistory

    Wood Mode Wood Mode Wood Mode

    I don’t remember WNEP or the other channels doing THIS much coverage when other major employers shut down in our area. Cinram closed and it was a small blip. Thomson Consumer Electronics closed and it was the same thing. This plant closes and it’s like the only words out of the major news stations mouths around here.

    Yes. It stinks that people lost their jobs. But they’re being taken care of by the community out there. How about something new for a change?

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