Off-Duty New York Firefighter Attacked by Teens After Defending Elderly Couple: Police

NEW YORK — An off-duty FDNY firefighter was attacked after he defended an elderly couple from a group of teens in New York City Saturday morning, police said.

Police are looking for the group of teens who allegedly attacked an off-duty firefighter in Manhattan (NYPD)

Just before 9:30 a.m., police said the firefighter, 38, intervened after witnessing a group of teenagers harassing an elderly couple in the vicinity of 86th Street and Third Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

One of the teens sucker-punched the man from behind and pushed him to the ground, then the group repeatedly struck and stomped the man's head and body, according to police.

The victim suffered a concussion to his head and broken teeth, police said. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The group wanted for questioning in connection to the attack are described as three females and three males between 15 and 17 years old.

The victim is now at home recovering.


  • Frank The Lunatic

    Yeah but remember, “Black Lives Matter” and we get told how it’s so wrong to sterio type young people of color — and then crap like this happens….. What idiots

  • Terry Weaver

    OK Trump! So tell me how can we make america great when sh*t like this happens all the time! HUMMMM

  • normal420

    If the perps were white or black, yellow or brown. The NYPD would be bringing body bags to the scene.. Carry and Conceal folks, protect yourself

  • fortisveritas

    Sharpton, Jackson, and Darkhorse will be silent on this. But if a Good Samaritan came along and dropped one of these savages in their tracks there would be bus loads coming in for the protests this weekend. So tell me, what did the FDNY FF do to deserve the beating he got?

      • Bob Stevens

        You clearly have not hung out with black teens then, or seen any of the world star fights and w/e cell phone videos online. There are many cases of fights simply for looking at someone “wrong”.

    • darkhorse6669

      why would i be silent? 3 scumbags did a really bad thing. lock em up good. you see its not a one way street for me like everyone else that frequently comments. i call it as i see it, not just because of the color of their skin like all of you. A person can be good or bad based on how they ACT not how they LOOK. I also dont act like a couple bad eggs represent an entire race of people.

      • fortisveritas

        Good to know, I’ll remember that. But $10 says you wouldn’t have said a word if I hadn’t called you out.

      • Bob Stevens

        Yep just like don’t blame all white people or blame all men or blame all gun owners huh?
        Some stereotypes exist for a reason, and have statistics to back them. Hate crimes? nope… all men? nope… All gun owners? nope… but black grime as a percentage of population, absolutely. Terror attacks and Islam? absolutely.
        There are crap people everywhere but some groups are disproportionally much higher. Dems have been keeping back people poor for decades and baiting to harvest votes.

      • darkhorse6669

        well if it makes you feel better you can tell yourself that. I just go where i know the racism is and oddly enough always tend to see you. I also have a productive life and do not come check on these comments every day because its gonna be the same stupid racist stuff with or without me.

      • darkhorse6669

        bob, put that trash through a spelling and grammar check and maybe i’ll be able to understand some of it.

      • fortisveritas

        Let’s not start with the grammar na.zi stuff shall we? Very lame. If you want to pick nits, you didn’t capitalize anything and used the word ‘gonna’… You don’t check these comments every day, but here you are all the same. So if we’re going to make racist (in your opinion) comments whether you’re here or not, you can just disappear and no one will miss you. One thing is for sure though: There will always be plenty of news articles with the people you are so quick to defend.

      • Bob Stevens

        Seems pretty easy to me to read, and how come you are also always checking? Underlying prejudices you feel guilty about so you look for places to SWJ at? Not my fault that the same types of people constantly do the same types of crime. Again statistics. I’d love to walk through all parts of my city without needing my gun and watching my back to make sure some local urban youth don’t try jumping me 6 on 1 because I’m some “evil whiteman” or for $20 and my phone. I’ll stop believing stereotypes when they stop proving them correct. I absolutely prefer stories where its a group of teens helping out the community rather than terrorizing it. I don’t see racism in everything I disagree with.

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