George Brown Thanks Campaign Team for Primary Win

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Wilkes-Barre City Hall will likely house a new mayor next year.

George Brown won the Democratic primary over incumbent, first-term mayor Tony George.

We stopped in at George Brown's campaign headquarters in downtown Wilkes-Barre to talk about his win.

"It came down to the very end of the campaign time," Brown said. "So whatever happened yesterday, I could hold my head high and say, 'We did everything we could do.'"

This is not the first time George Brown has run for mayor. He ran against Tony George four years ago and lost by 150 votes. He attributes his success in winning this time to the people who helped him campaign.

"They were there for me," Brown said. "When we worked the polls, they were there for me, so the win we had yesterday was not George Brown winning. It was the 'Brown for Mayor' team that won that election."

Brown also said his aggressive campaigning helped him win. He went door-to-door through the city asking the citizens what issues were important to them. Those are what Brown said he'll focus on as mayor.

"Things like crime, blighted properties, infrastructure, economic stability, bringing back businesses to the city," Brown said.

Some of the people we spoke with who live in Wilkes-Barre are optimistic about the results of the election.

"Anybody can be against crime, for fixing the streets, cleaning the streets up, against the opioid epidemic," Michael Steinberg of Wilkes-Barre said. "I've been hearing that for the 10 years, 12 years I've lived here. Nobody seems to have a plan to do anything. I hope he does."

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