Police: Two in Custody, Two on the Run After Drug Ring Bust in Berwick

UPDATE: Police tell Newswatch 16 Damon Magnuson was taken into custody in Luzerne County on drug charges.

UPDATE: According to Berwick police, Zachary Parker was taken into custody on Friday. Damon Magnuson remains at large.

BERWICK, Pa. — Two people are locked up and police in Columbia County are searching for two others after they busted up a drug ring.

Police say Charles Hess Sr., 56, and Charles Hess Jr., 29 of Berwick, are both facing charges after police executed a search warrant of their home along North Market Street in Berwick.

According to police, both men allegedly sold heroin and methamphetamines from the home.

Police are looking for Damon Magnuson and Zachary Parker. Officials tell Newswatch 16 Magnuson and Parker will be facing intent to deliver and other related charges.

Authorities warn that Magnuson and Parker are considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police in Berwick.


  • whopperplopper

    idiot kid with packard hubcaps stuck in his ears & cheesy scruff on his chin.
    this is America’s future. lazy, good for nothing welfare leaches

  • darkhorse6669

    its not the dealing of the two most dangerous drugs that upset the locals, its the fact that they try to act like their in the hood… yep, business as usual. By the way being “gangsta” isnt a white/black thing, its a POVERTY thing. poor people of any race end up like this…

    • fortisveritas

      Yeah, they look real poor. Lots of money for piercings and ‘hood’ clothing though… Stop making excuses for people making bad decisions in their lives.

      • darkhorse6669

        how in any possible way can you say that i am making excuses for them? I just said they were distributing the 2 most deadly drugs known to man for which i absolutely condemn them. Anyone that is dealing this poison must be dealt with to the full extent of the law, regardless of what their intention or motivation behind it was. I simply like to point out that people are really only saying bad things about their image and choice of “style” because they are racist, but not condemning them for poisoning our area with awful substances. Racism is the number one priority and value in the comments on this website.

      • fortisveritas

        Your equation of Poverty = Crime is an excuse. I know plenty of poor people. Poor – as in not having the money to fix their worn out car to take them to work – poor. Graciously seeking help from others poor – and then offering to pay them back when they have the funds. Now you’re backpedaling.

    • fortisveritas

      We should make all the drugs legal, right? Isn’t that what you said earlier? Then we wouldn’t have these problems. 🙃

      • darkhorse6669

        I think you need to cut the eye-holes larger in your white pointy hood, because obviously you cannot see very well, either that or you are hardly literate which is also very possible. Never did i say that i think all drugs should be legal, i simply pointed out that the war on drugs was an unfair, racially motivated, failure. If you want my opinion though i think small amount possession for personal use of any drug should be decriminalized, not legal there is a big difference. Drug addicts are people that are capable of A LOT of good if they just focus on getting clean and start living a positive life.I think if found with small amount possession you should get a hefty fine OR the ability to go to treatment and that fine will be either lessened or removed upon successful completion of the program and at least 1 year of sobriety after treatment is completed. you know, treating people like actual human beings.

      • fortisveritas

        Yeah, you got me red-handed. I’m the grandmaster flash wizard of the Northeast Chapter of White Hoodies Anonymous. We burn popsicle sticks now, crosses have been ruled offensive and insensitive. Oh, so just a little cocaine, heroin, or fentanyl is OK. Glad we cleared that up.

    • fortisveritas

      Wanna-be gangsta starter kit: Flat hat with script writing that nobody understands, neck tattoo, satin sheen jersey shirt, enormous necklace…

  • fortisveritas

    White trash wanna-be gangstas. The world is going to chew you boys up and spit you out.

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