Fishin’ In The Rain

LACKAWANNA STATE PARK -- When it's wet and chilly, most folks head indoors. But some anglers say rainy weather is perfect for dropping a line in the water.

"I haven't been out much this year but my friends have been doing really well. They're catching a lot of trout at the park here," said Tom Bonacci, who works at Lackawanna State Park.

David Lennick stood in the morning rain at the park with two lines in the water. Rain or shine, he said he is here.

"I've been fishing since around 8 years old, 7 years old, something like that. I love it!"

Seasoned fishermen and women say this weather brings some fish closer to the surface, making them easier to catch. They said they are more likely to swim around when it's raining, too.

"It washes a lot of food into the lake, you know? Little critters, bugs, worms, stuff like that and you know when there's a smorgasbord, the fish, they tend to come to it!" said Bonacci.

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