Altemose Adds New School Record Throw In The Javelin To His Resume

Pocono Mountain East javelin thrower Andrew Altemose shares a laugh or two with legendary track and field coach Bill Brong.

But it's been all business since these two met with the cardinal football team last year. Andrew at running back and bill as a coach.

Brong saw something and approached Andrew about throwing for the track team. Well the results off the charts.

A new school record throw of 188 feet that would have placed third at states last year in AAA.

"It was back during football season that he realized that I had a descent arm. So I said what do you think about me throwing the javelin this year>
He wasn't opposed so we tried it out,and worked all winter and here we are now," said Andrew.

"It is amazing when you think about that it's the first year out. He has a lot of things that we have to work on. He has some big flaws in his approach, but the one thing that he has that you can't coach is a fast arm and he does have a fast arm," said Bill.

We'll obviously there is a lot of history with track and field with coach Bill Brong. He coached throwers down in Lehighton for 39 years and one of his best throwers was Carl Wolter. He still holds the District 11 record and he went onto throw at Penn State.

"You know it's something that we built over a long period of time a good tradition, and it was a great time and along with Carl we had some really good throwers. It was a pleasure coaching those guys," again said Bill.

"Did you realize his history when he came out to coach football the 39 years of coaching the throwers down at Lehighton? I didn't realize that until a couple of weeks ago when my football coach-Coach Melosky told me that and I realized that I had one of the best," added Andrew.

Cleaning things up and a polished performance is the key for Leagues, Districts, and States.

"One of the things at Pocono Mountain East is that they really weren't noted for their throws over the years, and it's one thing that we are going to have to try to build a little tradition," added Bill.

For now it's time to throw and in the fall back to football.  Altemose is aiming high in each sport. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Monroe County.

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