Group Works to Revamp Community Park

NEWPORT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The Newport Township Recreation Board is trying to revamp the community's recreation complex.

Newport Township tried something new this past weekend. The community held a Spring Fling for kids at its recreation complex.

"This park has been in need of some TLC for a long time," Newport Township Recreation Board President Judi Pazgan said.

The event was meant to be a fundraiser and to raise awareness to help fix up the community's park. Members of the Newport Township Recreation Board are the ones behind the project.

"It brought a lot of kids to have something to do for a day," Newport Township Recreation Board Commissioner John Vishnefski said. "It was just nice to see all the parents and the children come here to have a good time.

The recreation association said it needs about $50,000 to fix up the park. One of the projects the group wants to do is repair the basketball courts.

"We kind of always run up against where we don't have enough money to do well, so we figured if we did an event like this it would help us raise some money," Pazgan said.

The recreation board plans to hold more events like the Spring Fling to bring in more funding for the park.

"I know we're nowhere near," Pazgan said. "It was a nice little event, but it was just a start and we're just going to keep plugging along and try to raise more money and try to get the stuff done so the kids have somewhere to play."

To donate to the recreation board's project, you can do so at the Newport Township Municipal Building. Just make out your checks to the Newport Township Recreation Board.

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