Horse Barn Offers Guidance to Keep Kids Safe After Man at Different Barn Charged with Rape

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- State police arrested a man accused of raping several young teenage girls and using his horse farm in Canton Township to lure them in.

Jonathan Wright, 34, faces 155 counts on charges including rape, statutory sexual assault, and corruption of minors.

One victim told police when she was 13-years-old she helped Wright at his horse farm in Canton Township. The victim said Wright gave her wine and then forced her to watch a video of a woman being raped. The victim said she quickly realized the wine was spiked because she couldn't move. Wright then allegedly raped her.

Linda Miller's teenage daughter rides at a different barn in Laceyville.

"I worry all the time, all the time. She's 15, and I'm worried to let her even take a walk," Miller said.

However, Miller said she never has to worry about her daughter at Blue Stone Valley Acres in Laceyville.

"I'm always here with them, but even if I brought her here alone, these are great people. I would never have to worry about anything like that," Miller said.

Co-owner Jim Bartels said about a dozen teenagers ride at the barn regularly. He doesn't hire anyone he can't trust.

"I don't let anybody in here that I don't know personally and can't vouch for personally. It's a sick world, and you have to protect the people you love," Bartels said.

According to court papers, Wright had sex with another victim thousands of times beginning when she was 13. That victim eventually became pregnant with Wright's baby. All of these encounters happened at his horse farm in Bradford County.

Meanwhile, at Blue Stone Valley Acres in Wyoming County, trainer and co-owner Jaime Luce is appalled.

"It's sick. It's disgusting. It's like you're supposed to be mentors. You're supposed to be guiding these teenagers, these kids," Luce said.

According to court papers, in regards to one of the 13-year-old victims, when asked if Wright feels bad about what he did, he responded by saying, "I don't regret it, but I think it was a bad decision."

Wright is locked up in Bradford County jail on $500,000 bail.

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