Former Penn State President Spanier’s Conviction Overturned

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A federal judge from Scranton has thrown out the child endangerment conviction of former Penn State President Graham Spanier.

The ruling comes one day before Spanier was due to start serving a two-month prison sentence.

Spanier was tried and convicted of child endangerment in 2017.

On Tuesday, a judge determined Spanier was improperly charged under a 2007 law for allegedly failing to report child sex abuse by former football coach Jerry Sandusky.

The decision by U.S. federal Magistrate Judge Karoline Mehalchick in Scranton, gave state prosecutors three months to retry Spanier under the state's 1995 child endangerment law, the version in place in 2001.

Spanier was to report to the Centre County jail Wednesday morning to begin serving his sentence.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the state will appeal the decision.


  • Mike Coolan

    What more would you expect in the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania.
    Never a matter of who is right and who is wrong, its a matter of who is doing who.

  • Joe Justjoe (@ForjoeJustjoe)

    This decision would have been thrown out eventually anyway as the entire rush to judgement was based on the Freeh report. Mr Freeh got the Atlanta bomber wrong when they brought him in to investigate. Now Atty Louis Freeh acted as an auditor for a cryptocurrency fraud that was just shut down by the N.Y. state Atty General’s office besides. Mr Freeh should have been out of the legal system years ago. Alot of lives were damaged and because of him and the further he delves into his line of work…the bigger the losses become.

  • nasca1856

    Spanier looks like the crook in the old black and white movies who disguises himself by wearing a nylon stocking over his head.

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