Celebrating Arbor Day in Monroe County

EAST STROUDSBURG UNIVERSITY, Pa.-- In the Friday morning drizzle, a group of men and women planted a Swamp White Oak tree on East Stroudsburg University's campus.

Members of the Monroe County Garden Club say Arbor Day is something to celebrate.

"Trees are very important to the environment, to us as human beings, so we do this every year. We plant the tree and hopefully, other people will do the same," said club member Afrie King.

Arbor Day is an annual celebration of trees. It is a time to plant them, care for them and learn more about what they do.

"There's a slogan out there that says, "Clean water grows on trees," and that's really true. Trees, first of all, absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, produce oxygen, they shade the water, keep it cooler for fish and on streams. They hold streambanks together to prevent flooding and erosion, so trees everywhere are so important," said Bob Heil of the Brodhead

First celebrated in 1872, there are now Arbor Day observances and activities all over the nation.

"Arbor Day was started by a gentleman in Nebraska in the 1800s and it became a national thing and now it's over in several other countries as well. It's, I know several other people who plant trees as well," said garden club member Robert Butler.

Traditionally, trees have been symbols of life.

The one at ESU joins others planted on Arbor Days past.

Members of the garden club say the tradition will live on.

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