PennDOT Audit Reveals Billions Diverted from Gas Tax Fund

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania drivers pay the highest gas tax in the United States so why does the Keystone State have thousands of crumbling roads and bridges?

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced the findings of an audit of the Department of Transportation (PennDOT). He says more than $4 billion dollars from the Motor License Fund that were meant for PennDOT projects has instead gone to the state police.

He says that means money from the gas taxes don't go as far to fund road and bridge repairs.

"While the state police deserve to be funded, I don't think people are thrilled, in fact, I think most people are upset that their gas taxes are siphoned off for purposes other than roads and bridges," said DePasquale.

The auditor general went on to say lawmakers have acted to cap the amount of money going to state police but says that money is meant for road repairs, not police funding.


  • Rick Ross

    PSP are the most expensive option for policing rural PA. It seems every other county in every other state in the union has an elected sheriff who has a team of deputies that handle crime for rural counties while the state police handle traffic on highways not crime. Not sure why in PA the sheriff just drives around some prisoners, guards the courthouse and serves an occasional warrant.

  • madandy209

    Problem is salaries and benefits are costing the state an incredible amount of money for an agency this size.. Plus, the dept has to many specialized positions that take bodies away from patrol related functions. Some of these positions should b part time or eliminated, maybe civilianized at a significant savings.

    • Steve Bresset

      This is about theft….for which we are all victims. The PSP are a specific line item in the budget and it is to be budgeted for as PennDot, etc. That is why the administration has been siphoning $$ from the Turnpike Commission repairs. If we are lucky we will have roads in a state of total disrepair and a turnpike that has crumbled as well. Government at is lying, siphoning best.

  • Steve Dock

    I think additional audits of the rest of state government are sorely needed. Citizens aren’t allowed to audit their own government, the courts run cover.

  • John Graber

    Speaking of state police, what happened to that case when a lady psp dispatcher was assaulted by a certain trooper from the Blooming Grove barracks a few years back? Maybe some of our gas tax money went to hushing up that ordeal.

    • madandy209

      The state police have settled many law suits filed by female civilians that have been harassed. The agency has issues. There needs to be an outside appointed figurehead to clean the agency up


    so we were lied to about what the gas tax was for, penndot still doesnt fix our appalling roads, and the useless state police took the money and still dont do squat to enforce vehicle and traffic laws .

    wow, talk about being screwed over two or three times for the same thing. All those involved need to be imprisoned for grand theft, penndot and the p.s.p. need to be dismantled, they dont do anything anyway

    • Joe Smoh

      Actually as officers of the state. whoever was responsible, did something unconstitutional. And as an officer they could be tried for treason. Not that they will, because those who should be charging them are in on the take.

  • Pete Shepherd

    Time for someone to be voted out and a new law to be put in place .These things need to be voted on not decided on by one person.TIME FOR HEADS TO ROLE !!!!

  • John W

    I’m not surprised at all. 😐
    Replaced 2 wheels on my car this year because of potholes… maybe they should legalize pot for potholes? But someone would misappropriate that too..😞🚔

  • riosrrr

    This is flat out shameful. The residence of Pennsylvania deserve transparency in what their taxes are going towards. Diverting money like this could lead to corruption and already the mismanagement of funds. We have some of the worst transportation infrastructures in the United States which prompts companies to look elsewhere for their businesses. This hurts our economy, the infrastructure of the commonwealth, but more importantly this has hurt the residence of this state.

    • normal420

      If the auditor finds 4.2 Billion dollars, you would think they might want to audit a bit more frequently… just a thought..

  • scarolina1

    The PSP funding is provided for by the general fund, this is nothing but “GREED” and “CORRUPTION” on the part of the PSP and their supporting “CRIMINAL CORRUPT POLITICIANS” ???? WAKE UP PENNSYVILAINS, you are being “FLEECED” every day in many ways by your CORRUPT CRIMINAL POLITICIANS!

  • David Pekala

    The main culprit here are those communities who shed their local police force by selling the idea to the local residents that in the end their taxes will go down. And of course their local taxes go down because by law PSP has to cover any community that does not have a police force. Complicit in this slight of hand is the entire state legislature who collectively as a single coward refuse to pass a law putting a state tax on those communities and instead the rob the general fund (where the gas tax monies are deposited) to pay the imbalanced PSP budget.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch and those communities who for years have received the equivalent of a free lunch in PSP coverage now should be made to pay the piper.

  • Thomas La Mont

    $4.2 Billion and still can’t find a trooper when you need them. 20-30 minute wait in Susquehanna County.

      • Rusty Knyffe

        My call to barracks during opening day of Trout Season:
        me: Hello? Could you please send someone – there are people trespassing all over my property.
        barracks: Yeah? Whaddaya want us to do about it?

        This really happened.

    • madandy209

      Remove the Troopers that go out and inspect trucks and let the civilian officers work alone!! Put those Troopers back into patrol where they belong. The civilian officers make half of what the Troopers make for doing the same job.

  • Mark Thepoll

    Um, surprise? Where to even begin with this one, and not a new thing in this State, either. Would anyone be surprised if nothing happens even after this “big reveal”?

  • lickerblisters

    Well well well. This would explain all the brand new charcoal colored (street camouflage) cruisers wouldn’t it?! Mr. Depasqaleale seems to doing a good job cleaning up dirty Pennsylvania
    Isn’t that right Scranton? I’m looking forward to these future indictments.

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