Study finds men’s beards have more germs than dogs

A new study may have men with beards thinking about grabbing the razor.

According to researchers at the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland, the beards on men have more bacteria, even bugs, than what is found in a dog's fur.

Researchers took swab samples from the whiskers of 18 men, aged from 18 to 76, and compared them with samples from the necks of 30 dogs of various breeds.

The results? 23 of 30 dogs studied had high amounts of germs in their fur, the other seven had moderate amounts.

When it came to the men, every single one had high counts of bacteria in the beards, and seven of them had high enough microbe counts to be considered a threat to human health.

According to the BBC, the researchers stumbled across the finding while trying to determine whether or not men's beards might transmit diseases from dogs.

The study was met with controversy. A spokesman for the 'Beard Liberation Front' says the results are more about an irrational fear of beards than anything else.


  • Bob Stevens

    I mean I wash and condition mine, while my dog rolls in dirt so…
    Beards bad… beards are dirty… no you’re just afraid of masculinity (ignoring soyboy hipsters of course)

  • straubdavid9

    Humans used to have a “beard” covering their whole body ….. we survived that just fine ….. don’t think I’m going to freak out now. The less germs we are exposed to, the less things we are able to fight off. If you’re that concerned, you might want to just become a “bubble boy or girl” and avoid all contact with other humans! You can prolly keep your dog in your bubble though …. just no bearded people. I’v had a beard for most of my life and nobody has died!

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