Violent Storm Damages Home in Thompson

THOMPSON, Pa. -- Bob Allen inspects the damage to his mother's home on Cottrell Road in Thompson after a violent storm overnight brought gusting winds and heavy rains in Susquehanna County.

It tore down an attached garage, punched a hole in the house's roof, and left debris scattered all over the yard.

“We were home and we got a call from the neighbors,” said Bob. “It was like 7 o'clock in the morning and she said that it blew the roof off. We didn't know it flatted the whole roof. We got up here and were devastated.”

“A whole lot of devastation, a lot,” said Bob’s wife, Stacie, getting emotional. “Upset, because my father-in-law put a lot of stuff into this house.”

Bob says this was his parents’ home for 30 years. His mother moved into a nursing home last summer after his father passed away in the spring.

Bob's sister says seeing the house is like losing their dad all over again.

“I know my dad put a lot of hard work into this house and you know it's devastating. You don't want to see it like this,” said Kathleen Allen.

Bob and his wife had been in the process of moving their family into the home. Now there's no telling when that will happen.

“We really, really wanted to be in here probably about summertime and it's devastating,” said Stacie. “We were all having a good time here yesterday, painting and everything, just horrible.”

Power was shut off by the electric company due to rainwater pouring into the house.

“Damage-wise, it's probably going to cost $25,000 - $30,000 to redo the whole garage, I would say,” said Bob.

“Hopefully we'll get it back to the way it was,” said Kathleen.

The Allens say the home is insured.

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