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Lawmaker Wants to Bring Back Registration Stickers

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LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. -- A state representative from Berks County wants to change the way we register our cars and trucks.

Drivers and inspection shops have mixed reviews about the lawmaker's proposal.

Barry Jozwiak is a Republican state representative from the 5th District in Berks County who wants to bring back a license plate sticker. This time he wants the sticker on license plates to show car registrations and inspections all in one.

As cars drive by, you may see some old registration stickers pop up on license plates, but that's no longer how registrations are checked, at least not now.

Rep. Jozwiak is proposing the license plate vehicle registration sticker make a comeback, this time displaying current registration and inspection on a license plate sticker.

"That would actually be helpful, you know. Obviously, you'd still have to go to get the car inspected but have all of it at the same time," said Hoss Ellis.

Ellis says the sticker helped him keep up to date.

"That's how I used to know is that I would look at my sticker and see it's expiring and say, 'Oh, I need to get this renewed,' so without that, you don't know."

Newswatch 16 stopped by an inspection station to see how the idea may affect operations for auto repair shops.

"Truthfully, I don't think it would affect us at all. I'm not sure that it might be easier for the consumer because even when we had stickers, we had people that vehicles out of inspection or forget to register, but it may make it simpler if they have something in their hand they have to affix to the license plate," said Thomas Tranguch of T&F Tire Service and Supply.

Rep. Jozwiak claims PennDOT lost out on $22 million since the state got rid of license plate stickers because of drivers who are not renewing their registration.

PennDOT tells Newswatch 16 it is not aware of any issues and says the elimination of the sticker has made its processes more efficient.

Drivers in Luzerne County tell Newswatch 16 they just wish the entire vehicle registration process was easier.

"Email notifications would be nothing. I mean, they already have our stuff in the system. Send us an email notification that we need to renew our stuff no problem. If they want to roll it all in one, that would certainly be a lot more convenient, but I think the whole system is flawed as it is," Holly Ellis said.

Rep. Jozwiak says states like North Carolina and Texas have a similar sticker to the one he is proposing and have good results. Right now, he is still looking for other lawmakers to join him in his push for this legislation.


  • straubdavid9

    Unless a vehicle changes hands, why should you need to register again ….. that is the question that needs to be addressed. Same with a driver’s license … unless it’s been revoked. At least the DL is good for a few years.

  • Matt Berns

    Why not just skip the annual registration altogether? There is NO reason for it. Penndot would save a lot of money. Drivers would save a lot of money. Registration only needs to be done when the vehicle changes owner.

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